Neff S41E50S1GB Semi-Integrated Dishwasher, Black





Get a quality clean every time with Neff’s S41E50S1GB dishwasher, complete with an A+ energy efficiency rating. This dishwasher is full of different features to improve the cleanliness of your glass and kitchenware, such as DosageAssist and NeffSparkle. These both provide you with an ultimate clean for sparkling kitchenware. DosageAssist DosageAssist helps you achieve amazing cleaning results in every wash. It works by releasing the dishwasher tablet into a tray at the front of the upper basket, which is then sprayed with a targeted jet of water. This guarantees the tablet is dissolved and used at exactly the right time during the wash cycle. It works just as effectively with powder, gels or liquid detergents. NeffSparkle® This automatic programme is designed specifically for mixed loads. It treats glassware with extra care and includes AquaVario, which is a sensitive low-pressure spray system. Vario Basket The top basket can be adjusted when empty so you can fit more into your dishwasher. For example, large trays or pots and pans can easily fit in so you won’t need to do more than one wash. AquaStop® This function protects the inlet and outlet hoses from any leakages. The safety valve prevents any more water from entering the dishwasher and overflowing, even when the machine is off. Heat Exchanger By preventing extreme temperatures, this function ensures the drying phase is energy efficient and that your glassware is fully protected. VarioSpeed This function provides you with a quicker wash that still provides a hygienically clean and dry load. It reduces the programme time up to 50%. Additional Features and Information: Residual Drying Efficient SilentDrive BLDC motor Curved spray arms DetergentAware  

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