Panasonic SC-HTB690EBK Bluetooth NFC 4K Pass-Through Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer





The Panasonic SC-HTB690EBK brings incredible sound quality into your living room. Enhancing your televisions audio, the soundbar and wireless subwoofer can add more depth and bass to your all your favourite TV programmes, movies and music. Better yet, this supports 4K Pass-Through, letting you channel 4K content to your TV. This way, you’re getting the perfect partner to your UHD set-up. 3.1 audio The SC-HTB690EBK is engineered with three built-in speakers creating left, right and centre channels. Each channel delivers multi-directional audio for a cinema-style surround sound. Wireless subwoofer Further enhancing the surround sound effect is a down-firing wireless subwoofer. Without the need for cables, you can place the subwoofer anywhere in the room. * Power source still required Wireless audio streaming Boasting Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, there is no need to plug in your Smartphone or music player to stream your favourite tracks. Simply pair your Smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth or touch your NFC-enabled device to the soundbar and you’ll be enjoying your music aloud in seconds. Better still, with Panasonic’s Music Streaming app you can send music wirelessly directly from your smartphone or music player to your speakers. Just select your music stored on the device or network, choose a speaker and allow your playlists to surround the room. Clear mode dialogue With its dedicated centre speaker and clever processing which lifts the sound, the SC-HTB690EBK gives you enhanced dialogue. This means that you can enjoy movies, music and TV shows, without straining to hear. Infrared blaster The SC-HTB690EBK includes an IR blaster which, unlike many soundbars which can block the sensor for the remote control, works perfectly wherever you choose to set up. Don’t forget… If you want to connect the soundbar to your TV, blu-ray player or games console then you’ll need a HDMI cable. View our collection of cables & connections Delivery information: If you buy a large screen TV along with this item, please note that they’ll be delivered separately.

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